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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping gives you an overview of the financial performance of your business, so that you can make better decisions.

Every business needs bookkeeping and financial reporting to guide it’s growth and decision making. Not only are financial records a legal obligation, they also help a business determine how much tax they need to pay.

Advantages of bookkeeping

Overview of your business' financial performance

Monitor and keep tabs on your business income and expenses

Calculate and determine the tax due on your company

Keep computerised financial records for your company

What we do as your bookkeepers

Our bookkeeping services allow you to outsource your bookkeeping responsibilities. Bookkeeping is a critical component in the management of any business serious with growth and success. Proper bookkeeping is also necessary to be able to comply with company and tax law with regards to transaction records keeping, financial reporting and the calculation of tax due.

What you get from our bookkeeping services:

Hiring us as your bookkeepers will make it easy for you to record and retain financial transactions.  We start by designing a custom accounting system that suits your type of business and the industry that you are in. We setup your chart of accounts, customers, suppliers and other things.

In addition, we will do the following for your company:

Our responsibility as Angel & Walt:

  1. Setting up and maintaining a chart of accounts for the company.
  2. Prepare and record all necessary journal entries to reflect correct accounting records.
  3. Review and capture all client provided sales and income transactions.
  4. Review and capture all client provided purchases and expenses transactions.
  5. Review and capture all client provided asset purchases.
  6. Review and reconcile general ledger accounts for accuracy.
  7. Treat your information with absolute confidentiality.

What we will produce for you every month

We will email you a PDF of the following every month:

  1. Monthly balance sheet.
  2. Profit & loss reports.
  3. Monthly sales report
  4. Monthly expenditure report.
  5. Monthly receivables aging list
  6. Monthly transaction report.

Your responsibility as a client:

You are responsible for providing us accurate information with regards to:

  1. Company information for setting up your chart of accounts.
  2. Daily transaction log (supplied to us at set intervals).
  3. Asset register with detailed list of company assets (description, date of acquisition, original cost, and current value).
  4. The value of payroll amounts.
  5. Other information we may request for correct account reporting.
  6. Making timely payments for service provision.