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Payroll Administration Services

Payroll Administration Services

Our payroll administration services allow you to outsource your payroll responsibilities. Payroll is a critical management component of any successful business. Proper payroll management is also necessary to be able to comply with the labour law with regards to record keeping, payroll tax payments and the filing of statutory returns with organisations like NSSA, NEC, Standard Development Fund & ZIMDEF.

Advantages of payroll services

Our payroll administration and management services in Zimbabwe offer your business several advantages. Chief advantages include:

Professional payroll management and administration

Preparation of statutory payroll returns

Calculate and determine the payroll taxes due

Keep computerized payroll records for your company

What you get from our payroll services:

Hiring us as your payroll administrators will make it easy for you to compensate your employees duly.  

Our responsibility as Angel & Walt

  1. Setting up and maintaining company payroll file.
  2. Set up new employees in the system.
  3. Calculate payroll for your employees.
  4. Create and produce payslips.
  5. Treat your data with absolute confidentiality.

What we will produce for you every month:

  1. Monthly employee payslips.
  2. Salary acknowledgement form.
  3. Monthly detailed payroll report.
  4. Annual ITF16 for PAYE return.
  5. Monthly payroll tax calculations.
  6. Preparation of NSSA, NEC, ZIMDEF & Standard levy forms.

Your responsibility as a client:

You are responsible for providing us accurate information with regards to:

  1. Up to date details about your organisation or company.
  2. Up to date details about your employees.
  3. Information about your payroll details.
  4. Other information we may request for correct payroll administration.
  5. Making timely payments for service provision.