Tax Consulting & Advisory

Tax Consulting & Advisory

What our tax consulting & advisory services offers

The Zimbabwean tax system can be quite complicated even to a seasoned business person. There are so many taxes to talk about and the rules seem unending. The situation is made even worse by the constant fear of penalties, interests and even prosecution that non-compliance brings.

Our tax consulting and advisory services are designed to make tax simpler, helping you focus on your core business while we handle the complicated stuff for you, enabling your company to become and stay tax compliant in Zimbabwe.

Tax consulting can include any of this:

Knowledge on the Zimbabwean tax system

We'll give you the knowledge on the Zimbabwean tax system, what tax is all about and how to handle tax. Being in a business and not having adequate knowledge on tax will cause you trouble with the taxman.

Advise on your tax obligations

There are so many different types of taxes in Zimbabwe that are applicable to both individuals and businesses. In fact, a few Zimbabwean universities have a 4 year degree that is wholly focused on tax and fiscal studies. We are able to assist you with identifying which laws and which obligations are applicable to your business.

Tax minimizing strategies

Proper knowledge of tax law allows us to identify legal ways to reduce the amount of tax that a business should pay. We help you come up with the strategies and methods to do this and thus increase your business profits. We do all this in a transparent manner and above all, within the framework of the law.

Tax compliance audits of your accounting practices

Many businesses are in breach of various laws concerning tax. The only reason why they have not been prosecuted is because they have not yet been audited by the revenue authority. A ZIMRA tax audit will likely wreak havoc on your business if you are not compliant. Our tax compliance audit is a lot friendlier and allows you to identify weaknesses and malpractices so that you can put your house in order. The end goal is that you will be compliant with the law.

Help with ZIMRA audits, waivers & payment plans

As a business you might find yourselves in tussles with the tax authority. You might forget to submit your tax returns in time, submit returns with errors, forget to pay tax, pay less than what was due, etc. You can end up having penalties, interests and a ZIMRA audit on your hands. A ZIMRA audit is stressful and diverts your energy and focus from your core business. We can help you prepare for a ZIMRA audit and arrange for waivers and payment plans